Vacuum forming

Desktop, Floor Standing, Large format & Automated Systemsic

Desktop series

The desktop vacuum forming machines have been developed as a professional plug-and-play machine as a perfect solution for small plastic developments and production. The machines are also placed with first users of the vacuum forming technique, students, hobbyists, as a test setup within organizations or for product development and prototyping. Desktop models are very compact, efficient and easy to use. The desktop vacuum forming systems offer professional performance at an affordable price with the latest technology. From the 450 DT version, the models are equipped with a PLC control panel with which various settings can be controlled such as the different heating zones, time or pre-sets for the different shapes or materials.

Floor standing

The vacuum forming machines presented as “Floor standing” machines offer many advantages over the desktop models. These systems go further in terms of deep draw. With the 508DT it is already possible to reach depths of up to 290 mm. In addition to deep draws, these machines offer features such as pre-stretch for uniform material thickness per draw, auto level systems, independent heating zones and more powerful and faster air flows for demanding materials and shapes. All machines have an intuitive, graphical control by a PLC touchscreen with memory function. The machines have quartz heating elements with fast response and higher power than the desktop versions. The FMDH is a machine suitable for an exceptional sheet thickness of up to 10 mm. The FMDH has a dual heater, top and bottom loader and is capable of providing high performance for demanding shapes and materials.

Large format

With the user-friendly large format vacuum forming systems there is a breakthrough at this high level. These systems can be compared with the large industrial systems, but due to the design and development of user-friendliness, such as with the desktop and floor standing machines, they are easy to integrate into business processes. The large format systems are equipped with a large number of heating zones, Touch screen big size control panel with many functionalities and pre-sets settings, cooling options and easy operation for small and large objects by pneumatic drive. With large formats up to 2380 mm on the longest axis, the large format machines are widely used for the production of plastic parts and products, molds, blister, packaging, displays, advertisements, R&D, prototypes and test versions or piece to series production.

Completely automated

The HD and TF series of Formech vacuum forming systems are fully automated systems for the production of chocolate molds to large production parts in the automotive industry. A vacuum forming series for versatile parts, materials, geometries or material thicknesses. The HD and TF series machine is capable of producing production quantities from a few hundred to thousands of plastic shapes per day. With these machines you can work with sheet materials, but also plastic materials on a reel for an automated process.

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