About us

Leading in molding solutions

We believe that through close cooperation with customers and suppliers, the right innovation is developed. This results in a high-quality solution that we offer customers and clients for their questions or issues. Because we take our business philosophy “empathy”, “transparency” & “correctness” as our starting point, we put the customer on first line. Our business philosophy achieves a high service level in which we work in a solution-oriented manner.

Our passion for molding solutions guides everything we do. We listen carefully to the customer, to the market and we continuously monitor innovative developments. We work hard on sustainable solutions for our customers and build long-term relationships by supplying our quality products, systems and services. These challenges ensure that we do not dwell on solutions and innovation in many sectors that we can then offer with our accumulated expertise.

As a family business, which originated in 1937, our focus on our customers has not changed. With enthusiastic and loyal employees, we strive to enter into reliable and long-term partnerships. Driven in form materials & systems with the addition of digital solutions such as 3D printing, scanning and production.

What we do

Schouten Group is the European supplier of special mold and casting resins, products & systems such as 3d printing, vacuumforming, ovens etc. With a specialization in a number of medical and industrial markets, Schouten supplies and develops various quality products and specialties in two components of rubber, plastic products, digital solutions and thermoplastics. Schouten Group has a solution for many applications of individual part production or part and mould production in small and high series when it comes to the supply of materials, products and production facilities.