Blueshape 3D is a separate division within the Schouten Group that deals with issues related to guidance, training or production of materials and products that SynTec and the Schouten Group supplies. By absorbing the limited capacity at customers, we provide an extra service. The ability to process our products at our customers allows Blueshape to take over production. Blueshape ensures that the production of rubber and plastic products is carried out with short lines by a simple approach.

Vacuum forming is an important process in this production. Blueshape only works with the latest techniques of the Formech vacuum forming systems. Due to the use of these high-quality systems, the rapid switching of a first test phase or small or large series of production runs can be deployed very quickly.

Rubber molding and casting is another part of the production proces. Due to long experience and working with a stocked items of many different rubbers such as polyurethanes and silicone materials, there is a wide choice of rubbers with different physical properties. These rubbers have different hardnesses from very flexible and soft Shore 00, Shore A to flexible, very hard hard and extremely hard and extremely hard Shore A products.

Thanks to our many years of experience with various projects at various clients, a lot of knowledge has been built up. Within the training & advice we share knowledge 1 on 1 with the customer for its specific projects or products. In addition to advice, we provide 1 0p 1 training for our products and systems

Training & advice

Schouten Group has a wide choice of high quality products and systems for the molding industry. Working with quality products and systems requires precise processing

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Leasing products

There are lease options for all our hardware systems such as the 3D printers and the vacuum forming machines. The lease products help to maintain

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Vacuum forming

Schouten Group has a Blueshape division who’s offers the possibility of forming plastic molds, models and plastic parts. The production ranges from test phases, single

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