Liquid epoxy resin systems are suitable for various industrial applications. Schouten Group supplies a variety of epoxy systems for the production of, for example, plastic products, laminating applications, producing specific tools, processing and laminating furniture and art objects, double mother models, prototype, functional models, producing specific parts or projects. Many liquid epoxy products have specific properties where other resins such as polyurethane based are not suitable.

Unlike polyurethane resins, Epoxy resins are not moisture sensitive. Epoxy products can be easily processed with filler, dyes and pigments. Epoxy products achieve a high hardness and temperature resistance. The Epoxy systems are used for both casting processes and low build-up. Epoxy resins are ideally suited for applications that require high strength, temperature resistance or chemical resistance.

Many Epoxy systems can be cast and processed in condensation (tin) and addition (platinum) hardening silicone products without any release agent required. Our Pol-Ease 2300 release agent is ideal for production with or in polyurethane or latex based products.

The Epoxy systems from Schouten Group are available as casting products, laminating systems (liquid resin & paste), gelcoats and model paste.

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