3D printers

Highly accurate 3D-Drucker für digital Produkte dental, audiological, jewelery and industrial application, whose high accuracy is important. Within the accuracy, we state with Asiga 3D-Drucker that the 3D-Drucker have a complete offene material System, there is a choice in Projector wavelength, the 3D-Drucker are Affordable and that these machines are easy to integrate into the digital Workflow-Process of a company.

Advanced lab 3D printers

Large format 3D printers

385nm LED 7 405nm light sources

All 3D printer systems are available in projectors with a 385 nm UV or a 405 nm wavelength. The choice of these projectors depends on the application and / or the materials that will be printed with. The choice of this light source is the most important choice and essential to the performance of the machine on the application.

The highest standard in accuracy

Within accuracy there are various possibilities in accuracy. The systems are available from 27 µm pixel size on the XY axis. The accuracy can be scaled up to an 80 µm pixel size with a larger build platform immediately available. Depending on the materials, Asiga’s printer technology is able to print up to 1 micron accuracy on the Z-axis.

The industry’s highest proven performance

Precision, reliability and speed for production applications with the highest demands.

The latest developed DLP technology

The lenses have been specially developed for the highest accurate pixel placement in combination with DLP technology ensures a particularly high quality standard in the market.

Super fast print mode

The Super Fast Print Mode ensures super fast volume production in minimal time. This mode can be turned on when needed. The mode does not change the quality but ensures an optimization of hardware components, which makes the production run faster.

Unique layer by layer process

The specially developed Monitoring Process Technologies for repeated precision every layer by layer, Asiga proves itself. This technique is being developed with an internal radiometer, SPS technology and precise material curing.

User-friendly and appropriate design.

The Asiga Max and Pro series are plug-and-play systems. The design is designed to match the sleek or clean design of a laboratory or 3D design department. The interface and touchscreen controls have been developed with and by experienced users for ease of use.

SPS ™ – “Smart Positioning System”

The unique process developed by Asiga that offers a low guarantee. The SPS technique ensures that every layer is formed accurately. Accurate layer thickness is the key to consistent quality in accurate results in production environments. How does SPS technology work?

Open Material system

Asiga offers the possibility of working with material manufacturers from around the world. In addition to the available Asiga material, it is therefore possible to work with materials from a specific industry or application such as BASF, DSM, DREVE, NEXTDENT, PRO3DURE, DETAX and more. More than 3500 materials are now suitable for the Asiga 3D printer.

Why choose the 385nm LED?

At a deeper UV wavelength of 385, materials can cure faster and deeper, reducing scattering and overcuring of the materials. This immediately results in consistent accuracy, production reliability and the ability to print glass clear materials. Many medical certified materials such as dental and audiological applications have been developed for a 385 UV LED projector.

Easy to integrate into the digital workflow

Easy operation via touchscreen user interface and multiple connection option such as W-LAN or WiFi ensure seamless integration within the digital workflow. This workflow is easy to expand across multiple computer systems with the free Asiga composer software, but can also be operated over a network with multiple Asiga 3D printer systems.

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