Perfectly formed with Schouten Group

European supplier of molding materials and systems and produces on request molds and products for the manufacturing industry.

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Worldwide delivery of small to large shipments

We deliver large or small packages directly with daily distribution throughout Europe and beyond. We have a daily distribution for all our pallet shipments and packages.

Strong in tailor-made service, tailored to your wishes

Constant innovation and improvement of quality, flexibility and short lines makes the difference to quickly switch from simple to very complex customer requirements.

Naast het leveren van producten, materialen en diensten kijken we samen met de klant naar beste opties die aansluiten bij de projecten of de processen.

Vacuum forming in a nutshell

Forming thermoplastic with vacuum forming is a technique that cannot be ignored in plastic processing. We supply small and large systems, thermoplastic materials and take care of production for customers. Would you like to know more about vacuum forming?

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