Integration of 3D printing within the digital workflow of Ortho Blijdorp

Digitization in the workflow within orthodontic practices and laboratories is increasing. In addition to digitization as a saving of space on materials and storage, efficiency now offers a better outcome.

Ortho Blijdorp uses the latest technology in 3D imaging as standard. This means that it is fully digitized, from 3D intra-oral scanning, 3D software to 3D printing.

Schouten Dental has equipped Ortho Blijdorp with production equipment for manufacturing the 3D models and IBT (indirect bonding trays). The desktop models of Asiga Max are easy to use within orthodontic practices. Within Ortho Blijdorp, the workflow has been set up in such a way that digital production is started immediately at multiple workplaces. These workplaces are standard connected to the Asiga machines that are always ready for production.

Only 1 material is used on each machine, so either for dental models or for indirect bonding. By separating these and not using 1 machine for both applications, Ortho Blijdorp works according to the highest standard and efficiency. In minutes, the models and indirect bonding trays are printed and used directly on the patient.