Installation of a fully automated Formech TF750 vacuum forming machine for the production of ESD trays

Meanwhile, the Formech TF series and thus also the TF750 is one of the popular vacuum forming machines for processing thermoplastics for products such as inlays, blister packaging, transport packaging, making molds and other plastic production.

The TF750 comes standard with a product Formech Cycle View for real-time control of every production cycle during the production process. This Cycle view function is read by the 10 inch operating screen.

The TF750 versions of these vacuum forming machines are standard equipped with ceramic heaters that can be set variable. These elements can stay warm for a long time and consistently without too much heat loss. For variable production runs of various materials and shapes, the quartz heating elements are optional.

Furthermore, the TF and HD models are equipped with pneumatic controls for the heater drive, the material frame and table clamps and the table is pneumatically controlled and adjusted. The Machine has 16 heating zones that you can adjust independently of each other. The table is adjustable in height so that it can form faster for low forms without losing too much heat. The HD and TF machines also have auto level functions and pre-stretch as standard.

For a faster production cycle, the machines are equipped with a double cooling fan installations and you can optionally choose functions such as the cooling bolster and an upgrade for this cooling fan system. The cooling bolster provides external cooling of the plate to condition the molds during the vacuum forming process.

Due to these functionalities, in combination with the pricing of the HD and TF series, these machines belong to an easily integrated production process for the simple production of plastic products, molds and parts on a small and large scale. The products to be produced can also be used for the test phase and prototype.

For more information about the Formech HD series, I refer you to:

Installation of the TF750

The Formech TF750 was recently installed at the LTHD company in Romania for processing ESD sheets on a roll for making inlays, among other things. The LTHD organization is a producer of various labels, tags and RFID labels, but also ESD bags, ESD boxes and separators. The Formech HD 686 is fully integrated in the machine park and integrated in the production process and mainly processes the ESD sheets on a roll. These vary from thicknesses 0.5 to 1.5 mm. Various antistatic materials with a volume resistance of 1010 to 1012 Ω.cm. The reel for attaching the roll is standard on the machine. Of course, the processing of rolls from 100 kg is also possible to work with an external reel that is electrically driven for unwinding.

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