Vacuum forming in education facilities

With a wide range of vacuum forming systems we distinguish the models in the categories Desktop, floor standing, large size, and fully automatic systems. In the meantime, Schouten Group, SynTec has many installations at various educational institutions and was therefore able to install systems from each of the categories mentioned above.

The vacuum forming technique is applied in education through close cooperation with educational institutions in Europe. From incidental assignments to complete graduation assignments where this technique of forming with thermoplastics is applied or must be applied.

Depending on the training, space, budget, material and form requirement or application, systems are chosen based on the specifications of the Formech machines. Here we see a pattern for desktop and floor standing machines in secondary and practical education. The floor standing machines, large format and (semi- & fully) automatic machines are often already installed in higher education, faculties and universities.

The most popular models within educational institutions are our 450 DT, 508 DT and 508 FS floor standing vacuum form models. These models are plug-and-play and can be used without modifications to the power networks. From the 508 FS, an external air supply is required, which may require a facility adjustment. Because these systems are easy-to-use, switching users is no problem at all. Almost every student can easily make use of some deep drawings during his or her study or for their project.

Large size and semi / fully automatic machines are used for logically large format deep drawing or for larger production numbers within the project-based approach to education. The Multi Pin user option provides limited setting options for only the main operator with responsibility. This protects students and the machine from each other.

The many standard thermoplastics such as PETG, PP, PS High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS), Polycarbonate and ABS are widely used in various thicknesses and colors. Schouten Group | SynTec supplies this diversity of plastic cut to size to the institution in the desired quality, numbers and color.

Over the years, Schouten Group has carried out many placements within education in the Netherlands and Belgium as well as in Europe in countries such as Denmark, France, Germany, Estonia, Switzerland, Poland, Bulgaria, Norway, Finland, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Austria and many more.

Our specialism in advice, delivery and maintenance for all systems completely relieves the educational institutions. Short lines ensures an adequate approach for advice from purchasing a machine to advice for choosing the right materials for the student.

Also vacuum forming within your educational institution, please contact our employees.