Dental/Medical product program

Dental is responsible for the dental/medical industry with a wide range of applications, client categories and products. We serve all of the biggest and small dental laboratories, prosthodontist purchase organizations in The Netherlands and Belgium.

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Medical, Healthcare & Industrial

SynTec is the interesting partner for (rapid prototyping), concrete industry, industrial, designers and artists, education ,plasterers, model makers, mold and casting, movie industry and different medical and hospital applications.

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Blueshape 3D

3D shaping devices

Blueshape 3D a full service 3D company with high service in sales and after sales. Supplier of 3D scanners, 3D printers, software and services. We can answer many request in all kind of business like industrial, medical &healthcare, automotive, architects.

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Bervé Power

Emergency energy

Our main business is to supply in UPS systems, Batteries and battery management systems. The last years, Bervé Power responding in the latest trends, 3D face recognition security systems, the solar and wind industry

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"Schouten Group offers a complete solution when it comes to shaping techniques and systems."