Rubber and plastic parts production

Mould making, casting rubber and liquid plastics and production of plastic and rubber parts.

Blueshape division within the Schouten Group has a specialization in the production and supervision of production for rubber and plastic products. From piece production to series production, materials are a solution due to the various techniques. An extensive range of molding rubbers, molding plastics and plastic products provides a versatile option in the manufacture of plastic or rubber molds and models.

Casting with flexible silicone and polyurethanes

A lot of possibilities by using silicone products such as silicone gels, addition and condensation silicone with an extensive range of hardness and flexibility from Shore OO to Shore A 70. In addition to the use of silicone, there is also an option to make a choice in one of the many polyurethane products. The PU materials range from Shore A 20 to extremely hard materials in Shore A 95 – Shore A / D 45.

Thermoplastic vacuumforming

Vacuum forming is a solution for the simple and fast production of plastic products and molds. Thermoplastic can be molded up to 1.3 m. Large format thermoforming combined with low production numbers is a unique possibility where vacuum forming is the answer.

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