Leasing products

There are lease options for all our hardware systems such as the 3D printers and the vacuum forming machines. The lease products help to maintain liquidity and offer flexibility. Within Schouten Group we offer 2 different lease products for leasing systems. Within the lease offer we have Financial Lease and Operational Lease.

Operational lease

Starting at € 500,-

operational lease option for the machines such as 3D printers and vacuum forming systems is a kind of lease that is concluded with the lease company. The lease company will invoice an agreed amount monthly as a cost item. This means that the lease company rents the machine to the company. The object such as, for example, a Formech vacuum forming machine or a 3D printer will not appear on the balance sheet as negative power, but will be billed monthly as costs. The amount and term has always been agreed in advance.

We offer various maturities from, for example, 12 to 72 months. The costs for this depend on the investment down payment (not necessary), the interest and the term. The lease rates are exclusive of VAT.

Contact our employees for more questions about operational lease options

Financial lease

Starting at € 5.000,-

Financial Lease is a business loan. The machine becomes the property of the customer and the investment is repaid in installments. The investment will appear on the balance sheet both as a loan and as an object. When the full sum has been paid, the machine remains the property of the company and not of the lease company.

The maturities can often be used from 12 months to 72 months. A deposit is a possibility, but not mandatory in all cases. The lease rate depends on this, just like the interest, down payment and the investment amount.

Contact our employees for more questions about financial lease.

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