3D printing materials

3D print materials for SLA / DLP Liquid printers.

Schouten Group offers a wide range of different technical printing materials for medical, audiological, dental and industrial applications.

The materials have been developed with technical properties and the necessary medical certification. Our open 3d printer systems ensure that more than 300 print materials are available.

We provide solutions for applications with our exceptionally wide range. Materials with flame retardant properties, high temperature resistance, high impact resins, abrasion resistant liquids, glass clear materials, high precision printing liquids up to medically certified liquids.

For the dental industry we supply the materials for manufacturing dental models such as implant models, blunt models, crown and bridge models, orthodontics models, control and fitting models. various model fluids for making models in different colors, strengths and accuracy.

In addition to the dental model fluids, there are printing fluids for the digital fabrication of prostheses (denture / base), temporary crown and bridgework, permanent crown and bridgework, tooth crowns, partial, wax models, splints, ortho, indirect bonding, fabrication of digital individual spoons.

In addition to medical and dental printing fluids, various materials for audiological use are also certified. These liquids are used for, among other things, the digital manufacture of injection molds, the cast materials, in-ears, otoplastics for hearing aids, hearing protection. Materials are available in different colors and both hard and flexible 3D printing materials.

Numerous materials with specific technical properties are available for various medical and industrial applications. We supply 3d print materials with flame retardancy, excellent bending and tensile properties, high temperature resistance, properties for machining, high impact resistents, high toughness, good impact resistance, surface finish, high resolution and accurate prints, high performance silicone, materials with real elastomer properties, sturdy compression properties and fast rebound performance, high resilience and the elastomer materials in various Shore A hardnesses.

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