Silicone rubber

Silicone rubber products and materials for the production of silicone molds and rubber products.

Silicone materials are indispensable in many industries for the daily production and in products today. Industries such as the mold making an makers, design, product development, consumer market, transport sector, oil, gas and energy, medical healthcare, food and food processing industry, chemical and construction or concrete industry and many other industries work daily with products like silicone rubber materials.

Schouten Group supplies and develops silicone products for many markets with performance characteristics for this wide group of sectors. With a specialization for products with various product properties, there is a wide choice in silicones based on the technical properties, different types of silicones and additives.

Types of silicone rubbers

Basically, the range consists of condensation silicone (tin curing) silicone, addition silicone (platinum curing silicone), silicone gels and kneadable silicone putty products. Additives for the processing of the products are also available for this type of silicone. Additives consist of various thickeners (thixo agents), softeners (softener oils), color pigments, release agents and other products. We distinguish the silicones in various physical properties such as flexibility, strengths (tear and tensile), release properties, chemical resistance, temperature resistance, elongation and others.

Physical characteristics

The Schouten Group silicones are available in various physical properties. In particular a wide choice of hardnesses from very soft Shore OO hardnesses to soft and extremely hard Shore A flexible casting rubbers. Due to the wide range of materials we do have choices based on application or characteristics. We do have soft silicone gels like our platsil gel 10, platsil gel 25 with different harnesses, working time and viscosity. Our silicone casting rubber would be used for making molds, making layer-up molds and silicone product and parts.  This casting rubber is easy material for silicone casting or molds for casting resin like epoxy and urethane.

Small and large packages

Most of our silicone liquid rubber products are packed in small cartridges for dental, medical and audiology applications. For industrial applications we do have different types of packaging. We de sell all of our materials as a complete set packaging packed in bottles, buckest and 200 kg+ drums for bulk handling and industrial processing.

Silicone rubber used for multiple applications

One of the main advantages of using silicone casting rubbers instead of other flexible molding materials, such as polyurethane rubber, is that due to the self-releasing property no release agent is needed when casting polyurethane rubbers, urethane resins, foams, epoxy and other materials in silicone molds.

The silicone molds can be used to cast a variety of materials including polyurethane, polyester and epoxy resins, polyurethane foam, gypsum (plaster of paris), wax, concrete, low temperature melting metals and more.

Schouten supplies solutions with silicone products for many applications. Contact us for your silicone product or casting project. We can help you with your silicone casting project, making molds, how to make molds, and choose the best liquid silicone rubber.

 You can order small orders and packaging directly online true our webshop. We distribute worldwide on a daily basis in bulk and small quantity.

Overview of some of the most common silicone products and types.

Addition silicones rubbers – shore a 4 – shore a 60

Our Eurosil product range is an addition cured silicone iquidrubber for making liquid silicone products, silicone parts or silicone rubber molds. The addition silicones are platinum curing silicones that cure at room temperature (RTV). These silicone materials are used to make (very) flexible to  very strong product parts and molds without shrinakge. Due to no shrinkage the materials are durable rubbers.

Addition silicones are also often used as an alternative product to the polyurethane casting rubbers because of the excellent self-releasing property. The addition silicone has a long lifetime and no shrinkage during processing or over the years, unlike other silicone products.

The addition silicone like our Eurosil products are excellent for casting polyurethane products, epoxy products, polyester resins, polyurethane foams, wax, plaster, soap, concrete and much more without the use of release agent.

The Eurosil silicone rubber materials has proven in many, application and sectors. We supply the extensive range of platinum-curing silicone materials to dental, audiology, medical & healthcare, mold makers, manufacturing industry, concrete industry, prototyping and design industry, reproduction of various foam and plastic manufacturing, through to the hobby and art sectors.

Condensation silicone – shore a 10 – shore a 60

The SG C-SIL series are condensation silicone and are based on tin curing RTV silicone. The condensation silicone is a room temperature curing (RTV) silicone what can be the economical variant of the addition silicone. Condensation silicone rubber is used to make rubber parts and molds. The Condensation Silicones are often used in applications with high tear strength, good release properties and resistance to high temperatures or chemical resistance.

Condensation silicone can be used for casting various materials including wax, plaster, concrete, polyurethane rubber resin and foam, epoxy and polyester without release agent. The silicones have often been used in sectors such as sculptors, art, manufacturing and manufacturing. Condensation silicone has a shorter lifespan than the addition silicone.

Addition silicone gels – shore oo20 – shore a 25

Silicone gels such as the Platsil gels and the Eurosil Gels are silicone materials for special soft gel applications such as life like theatrical prosthetic products for the TV and film industry, theater, dolls, medical applications, training applications, but also for lifecasting, props and mold making.

Additives for silicone rubber

There are various additives for all types of silicone products such as our addition silicone, condensation silicone and our silicone gels. The additives consist of silicone thickeners for thickening silicone for making brushed / layer up molds or products. For the silicone there are also thinners, these silicone plasticizers can be added to the silicone to soften and thin silicone materials. In addition to the thickeners and thinners, there are various materials such as accelerators, retarders, color pigments and Theatrical Prosthetic for removing the synthetic look and feel of the silicone materials.


Product overview with physical properties

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