Plaster of Paris

The main plasters can be divided into natural plasters, synthetic plasters and chemical plasters. For our applications within the dental, medical and industrial sectors we only use natural and synthetic plaster. Synthesis plasters are processed into a gisp product using special process techniques with certain raw materials for the pharmaceutical and food industry.

Schouten Group supplies many different types of natural and synthetic plaster for various industries. The plaster products are used within the dental sector for the manufacture of various dental applications such as crown and bridge work, prostheses (dentures), (individual) trays, bite registration , orthodontics and various applications in the manufacturing process. In addition to the dental sector, we also supply our plasters in orthopedics, podiatry, hospitals, mold rooms, police services, foundries, sculptors, art, hobby, industrial, food and more sectors.

Our plasters are produced according to the DIN EN & ISO quality standards in various packaging units. The plasters have properties that vary in hardness, color, expansion, processing times and curing times, making a suitable product for every application.

The most well known industrial product of plasters are plaster of paris. We do have more plasters in our standard stock program like the Giluform products (Giluform SP10, weiss, 350, 250) and many more alternatives.

We can modify many plaster casts for customers with specific requirements in batches from 2 tons.

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