About us

Mouldig and casting

Schouten Group is a typical family company together with enthusiastic, closely involved and loyal employees. With our main focus, our customer, we strive as Schouten Group is to be your partner by reliable and service oriented with you to work together. Since 1937 we are working on a solution for moulding and casting in the traditional way, and became the first in the Netherlands with dental plaster. Now we innovate in the revolution of digital modelling techniques 3D scanning, 3D printing and software solutions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We reduce waste

Today, there is nobody in the world that can afford to commit themselves only for their own. People, organizations and companies are becoming more and more aware of the responsibilities they bear, for example, the environment, working conditions and social affairs. Schouten Group certainly does not want left behind this, therefore spend much attention to this CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Schouten Group is extremely cautious about the impact the company has on the environment.